Private Dining

Need a little privacy – for a family gathering, a business presentation, a company meeting, a party, or some other special occasion? At BakerStreet we have a number of ways to accommodate you. 

Our most intimate private setting is Noah’s Room. It seats 20 guests, can be closed off completely, and has a wall-mounted television to which a laptop computer can be hooked up for presentations.

 A décor-accenting garage-style door of metal and glass separates Noah’s Room from our Party Room, which also can be closed off for private dining functions. The Party Room seats 40 guests. Opening the garage door and its draperies to Noah’s Room allows us to combine these spaces and accommodate groups of 60. 

Take a virtual tour of our Private Dining facilities:

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Our elegant South Dining Room, separated from our other dining areas by open-windowed walls, offers another opportunity for private dining – semi-private dining – when its draperies are drawn.

Any of these rooms can be rented on any night we’re normally open - excluding holidays. While we do not close our entire restaurant for private gatherings, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your privacy needs are met as reasonably as possible.

For further details on our private dining arrangements, including rates, please contact

April Casiano-Lee
Event Coordinator