Chef Biographies

 Randy Fisher is new to our team, having joined BakerStreet in July 2016, but has been in the restaurant industry for over 15 years.  After studying techniques and cooking styles from various chefs across the country, he found himself back in his hometown, Fort Wayne.  He quickly made his mark at BakerStreet by earning a Sous Chef position after only a few short months and is looking forward to being a part of one of Fort Wayne's best restaurants.  Having worked in both corporate and privately own restaurants, he has found it works best to combine the structure and consistency of corporate restaurants with the fluidity and creative aspects of privately owned restaurants.  His favorite styles of cooking are classical French, Asian, and American contemporary cuisine...which are showcased in the many 4820 Dinner Series menus he has created.  When he isn't spending time in the kitchen, he is enjoying a cold beer and a hockey game!
Kevin, formerly of Chop's Wine Bar is the newest member of our leadership staff in the kitchen. Kevin has a degree in biochemistry, but found a love for the restaurant industry and has since turned his focus to creating great cuisine. His talents are obvious and he has a special touch for creating dishes for guests with dietary restrictions. The scratch kitchen here at BakerStreet is a perfect space for Kevin to work his magic. He has certainly brought a unique perspective to our restaurant. Oh and he loves cats too. 
                                                                                          LEAD COOK
Mention Jose’s name at BakerStreet and the first words that come to mind are creative and soup!  Jose is the mastermind behind 95% of the soups du jour we offer at the restaurant.  He is able to utilize and combine ingredients to make wonderful, warm bowls of deliciousness.  Along with soups, he is known for making sauces and cremas to accompany any dish…in the blink of an eye.  He is not only a major part of BakerStreet’s success on busy nights in the restaurant, but he is a familiar and welcome face for our off site caterings.